Our company is a collective of hard working creative people striving to build delightful products.

We Provide Online Advertising & Web Solutions for Businesses, Startups and Brands.
Our team of creative designers and developers will make your idea reality. Every client is ensured to have a high quality product and service delivered while we work closely we will make your vision become a reality at affordable prices. 
Choose from a variety of services that we offer.
 Multimedia Advertising, Web design, Infomercials, Platform and Cryptocurrency Development Solutions for Businesses, Startups and Brands.  

HASH Services and Hash Hosting are two different platforms and listing on HASH Services does not include listing on HASH Hosting or any other HASH related platforms.


A Collective Platform, the merge of 3 projects. The MN Hosting Platform , The hash Services & Hash Charity all in one. 


Online Advertising,WEB design, Infomertials, Platform & Cryptocurrency Development Solutions for Businesses, Startups and Brands.  


HASH Coin Specs, use HASH Coin to pay for any products and services affiliated with HASH Platform.

Our services


Consult with us about services that we offer, we will do a free quotation to establish what is the best strategy for you and which of our services you should choose from.
We will create a specific strategy target plan to achieve your vision and goals you have for your business.

Web development

We create and maintain your website to ensure high quality added services to your customers and clients.
From Blog style websites, E-Commerce, Business Landing Pages, Youtube style platforms , you name it. While we provide Professional Search Optimization Services that you can choose with our Web Development Package or separately.


We create eye catching infomercials to help your clients understand your vision and promote your business & brand.
From short videos to up to 3 minute long videos you are ensured to receive a high quality product. Infomercials are a way to promote your business,brand or a start up through advertising campaign you may choose with our Infomercial Package or separately.

Graphic design

From Logo designing,brochures,branding, photo editing or improving your already made designs. We will create the most unique graphic designing for your project to fit your business, brand or idea.


Advertise your product, brand or business with us. Choose from Featured Section, Banners, Multimedia Advertising Campaign. We will tailor your advertising campaign according to your budget and according to your target market audience.

Cryptocurrency Development

Want to decentralize your business or start a decentralized business. We will create your own cryptocurrency. Choose from a variety of algorithms SHA-265 , Skunkhash, Xevan and many others. We create POW, POS & Masternode Coins.

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