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The current listing price on HASH Services is 0.01 BTC once off per coin or equal in HASH at the current price. Included in listing are 6 updates of information for the first year. After 6 updates a small fee will apply. Plus get one video up to 1 minute long describing your coin and services.

Apply promo code for a discount listing 0.009 BTC + 2 minute long video.Valid until 07/07/2019

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Once Your Form is submitted you will receive an email that we have received your request and your coin shall be listed in a period of 24 hours.

Once your post is done we will share it with you first and with our Community via Discord and Twitter. You will automatically become our partner and receive promo deals from other HASH Services.

HASH Services at your service

HASH Services and Hash Hosting are two different platforms and listing on HASH Services does not include listing on HASH Hosting or any other HASH related platforms.