Based on bachelor thesis
Focus Potential Analysis Of Blockchain Based Communities

Domocoin will be used as a 'ticket' to enter the community in the future

It doesn´t matter how many Coins you own, more important is you are holding any!

After reaching a decent size within the prototype, they will do a official crowdfunding to kick off the development of a decentralized, autonomous social network, which is not run by a single entity or centralized servers. Domocoin will remain as ticket to enter the community, masternode owners and teammembers (contributors) from the early stage will have a very important role in the network. So this is your chance to join the team in early stages, earn a masternode for your effort and finally build a social network which can´t be taken down by regulations and is maintained by the people actually using it. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team please contact a Domo dev/admin on discord.

Domo Coin Features

Block Reward Masternode

0.875 DOMO

Staking Reward

0.075 DOMO

Development Fund

0.05 DOMO

Masternode Setup Collateral

1000 DOMO

Total Supply

1.000.000 DOMO

Domocoin will go a different, 'route. They do not rely on a Premine or pre-sale in order to develop what they are promising.

Community first! They have infinite opportunities and ways of development. Thanks to our community-oriented development, EVERYONE has a voice! Contribute your own ideas, get paid in Domocoins and become part of the team in early stages to be hired for the BIG project in the future!

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