FESTON COIN FESTIVAL & Cryptocuurrency Platform

Feston is an alternative to the physical tokens or money ,with Feston you are assured not to wait in long lines to withdraw money only to wait in longer lines to get your drinks or food  during the festivals. You are able to pay by just scanning the QR Code. Quicker, safer and more convenient.




With crypto-technology, big brother will not be able to watch you anymore. You buy and sell without any concern for your privacy.


Many electronic tokens are not peer-to-peer. Meaning you can't use them to buy products With Feston, everyone will be able to enjoy from the benefits without the need to invest in unnecessary infrastructure.

Wallet app

Feston will be using multiple mediums in order to make it appealing to a wider public. Through user-friendly APP to transfer money easily between the smartphones, smartphones and chips.

Cheaper, quasi free

Feston will be like an open source system for electronic payment, everyone will be able to use it for free but also to develop it and become a partner by holding a stake in it


As the usage of Feston will expand continuously, users will be attracted to keep their currencies as investment assets. As the Feston user base expands the demand will increase.

Vendors version app

Your bill is displayed on vendor's device of use and yours too making this whole process much quicker.

Feston must be user friendly and work with different devices: smartphones, pc’s and RFID chips. At the event, users will be able to use their smartphones to pay for their consumption or top up their chips by  means of their smartphones.

Feston is a label for a progressive project that aims at providing a technology that brings the finance to its basics, i.e., the ease of exchange with maximum privacy and more equitability.