About HASH

By combining multiple platforms HASH aims to provide a cutting-edge experience in the cryptocurrency world.

All of yout favourite services, at the palm of your hand.
Every day, new users join the blockchain world.
We want to provide the best services and products to everyone to maximize their crypto experience.

We are here to connect you to multiple communities while you relax and we do our work. 



  • HASH Hosting

A Masternode hosting platform which allows anyone to easily host their nodes without previous experience or too much effort.
For only $9.99/month you’ll be able to host UNLIMITED masternodes in your account!

  • shared mn hosting

Right now  a beta version is available. Most transactions are manually confirmed by the devs, but this won’t be necessary in the near future, making everything much faster! Full automation comming soon!


Choose from a a variety of services that we offer.

Multimedia Advertising,WEB design, Infomercials, Platform and Crypto Development Solutions for Businesses, Startups & Brands.  

  • Masternode Monitoring

Masternode Monitoring services are currently being developed and will be released soon!

  • Scam Coin Swaps

Rescuing abandoned coins and helping communities. Currently in develepment!

  • Charity

We will support a charity of our choice and we will encourage our community to donate HASH towards helping others in need.


Hash coin uses Masternode and Proof of Stake system in order to support the Hash Network and compute transactions that occur on the Hash Network.



Get HASH on Crex24 and start your Masternode today ! Current Collateral only 60 000 HASH!