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NODECHECK allows you to monitor your masternode and more!

It provides alerts for when the status of your masternode changes, so that prompt action can be taken by yourself to rectify the issue.
This means you do not have to keep checking your masternode to ensure that it is working correctly – nodecheck does that for you automagically.
You will also get alerts for when your masternode has received a payment.
Alerts are sent via email, Telegram and Discord.
A very neat and easy to use platform.
Masternodes should be active constantly because they play an important role in registering,confirming transactions in the blockchain while keeping
the blockchain more secure.
The masternode owner receives payments for maintaining the masternode, but only if they are working correctly.
In the event of a masternode failure, or downtime, the owner may not receive payments or it may be lower than expected.
Therefore it’s important to react quickly to any downtime of your masternode.
All you need to do is register and provide a valid email address or alternatively create an anonymous account.
If you choose to register by email, the email needs to be verified before the account will be activated.
Also, you will need your masternode payee (collateral address) to start monitoring your masternode.

Features & Benefits

Monitoring 24 x 365

Masternode availability monitoring every 15 minutes


Notifications by email, Discord, Telegram

Account & privacy

Email and anonymous token login, account auto delete


Event log for masternode activity and payouts

Pro-active monitoring

Unique pro-active monitoring detecting network issues

Real-time monitoring

On-demand refresh of masternode status

Save time

No need to login and synchronise QT Wallet for masternode status checking


Configure GUI & notifications to your liking


Masternode quantities, last block, block age & status statistics


Notifications with number of coins earned & USD value


  • Available currencies 285
  • Monitored masternodes 15 163
  • Sent payout notifications 2 985 573
  • Sent status notifications 1 257 228





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Credit packPricePrice/node/month


Credit packPricePrice/node/month


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Credit packPricePrice/node/month


Credit packPricePrice/node/month

Frequently asked questions

Monitor your masternode and it’s availability & payments. Alerts are sent via email, Telegram and Discord.Register on today and enjoy all of the benefits and features that come with it, choose between Free and Pro Plan and keep up to date with all of your Maternodes in this busy world Nodecheck is there for you! supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It’s possible Microsoft Edge will work. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Anyone that wants to make sure that their masternodes are working correctly and recieve alerts in case of any masternode status changes, and also when a payment is received.

There are currently no restrictions to the amount of masternodes that you can monitor.

Pro-active monitoring detects potential issues with your node. It can detect potential network issues with your VPS, notifying you so that you can check your VPS service and or VPS and fix accordingly.

You can use credits to enable PRO features for node monitoring. One credit allows you to monitor one node for 30 days. You can enable auto-renewal of PRO features. When enabled, at the end of PRO monitoring date, we will take one credit from your balance and extend PRO features for the next 30 days.

Log into
Go to “My Profile” > “Payments”, select credit package and fill the form. You can pay with PayPal or credit card. When payment is successful, credits will be added to you balance.