WorxS is two things

A new kind of marketing tool for cryptocurrencies, and a shared masternode service.
WorxS bot is exclusive only for discord ussers, meaning you can only enroll to recieve rewards trough discord bot.
To do this you have to be on discord and go in channel #botcommands and type !acc
You will receive a private message from worxs bot with a link you need to follow choose your coin wich you would like to recieve rewards from and
register a new address. 
You can watch tutorial on how to register your address in order to receive HILUX rewards.


Follow the instructions from a video bellow and Sign up to receive rewards from WorxS Partners.


Exclusive only to discord users. Join WorxS discord benefit rewards from WorxS partners and engage with community.


There are over 14 WorxS partner coins that you can get rewards from. Don’t miss out , join today!

WORXS Partners